Soil Layers and Importance

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Which layer of the soil is rich in minerals washed down from the topsoil?

The subsoil layer

What is the term used to describe the different layers of soil?

Soil horizons

What is the primary component of the organic layer of soil?

Dark, fertile humus

Why is the subsoil layer not as good for plants as the topsoil layer?

It is too hard and rocky

How long does it take for soil to form in the parent rock layer?

A long period of time

What is the role of minerals in soil?

They provide important nutrients for plants

What do living organisms in soil contribute to?

The soil's health and fertility

What is the purpose of air in soil?

To allow plants to breathe

What happens to organic matter as it breaks down in soil?

It enriches the soil with nutrients

What is the result of soil erosion?

The soil's health and environment are affected

What are the natural forces that contribute to soil erosion?

Wind, water, and human activities

What is the main cause of wind erosion?

Strong winds blowing away loose soil particles

What can happen to the soil when it is cleared of vegetation or the natural landscape is changed?

It becomes more vulnerable to erosion by wind or water

What is a consequence of soil erosion on the environment?

Reduced crop productivity

What is the term used to describe the process of productive land becoming barren and desert-like?


What is carried away by water or wind erosion that can harm aquatic ecosystems and contaminate drinking water sources?

Eroded soil along with chemicals it might carry

Why is it important to prevent soil erosion?

To prevent problems like reduced soil fertility, water pollution, and changes in the landscape

Test your knowledge about soil, its composition, and its role in supporting life on Earth. Learn about the different layers of soil, its importance in natural processes, and its functions in nourishing plants and purifying water.

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