Soil Composition and Layers

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Which of the following is NOT a component of soil?


What is the uppermost layer of soil called?


How is soil formed?

Through weathering

What is the composition of soil?

Clay, sand, and silt

Why do plants, trees, and crops require soil to grow?

For water

Study Notes

Soil Composition

  • Water, air, living organisms, and organic matter are all components of soil
  • Parent material, such as rock and minerals, is broken down through weathering and erosion to form soil

Soil Layers

  • The uppermost layer of soil is called the topsoil or humus
  • Topsoil is the most fertile layer, containing the most organic matter and nutrients

Soil Formation

  • Soil is formed through the process of weathering, erosion, and decomposition over thousands of years
  • Weathering breaks down parent material, while erosion transports it away, and decomposition breaks down organic matter

Importance of Soil

  • Plants, trees, and crops require soil to grow because it provides essential nutrients, water, and air
  • Soil supports plant growth by anchoring roots, regulating water, and moderating temperatures

Test your knowledge about soil composition and layers with this quiz! Explore the different components that make up soil and learn about the importance of topsoil in this interactive quiz.

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