Soil Characteristics and Cement Testing Equipment Quiz

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What is a kind of liquid asphalt which is a mixture of asphalt cement and oil?

Slow Curing Cutback

Which liquid asphalt is a mixture of asphalt cement and gasoline?

Blown Asphalt

How is asphalt defined?

A dark brown to black cementitious material with bitumen as the main constituent

What kind of liquid asphalt includes water and has a pungent odor?

Emulsified Asphalt

What is a joint filler in concrete pavement?

Blown Asphalt

Which device is used to measure the relative hardness of asphalt?


What property of asphalt cement refers to its ability to stretch without breaking?

Tensile Strength

Test your knowledge on soil characteristics used in roadway construction and equipment used for determining the specific gravity and soundness of cement. Questions cover liquid and plastic limits, shrinkage limit, Le Chatelier flask, and autoclave machine.

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