Software Requirements Engineering Objectives

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What is the process of finding out, analyzing, documenting, and checking the services and constraints of a system called?

Requirements engineering

Which type of requirements reflect the needs of customers for a system that serves a certain purpose?

Functional requirements

What are the main requirements engineering activities of elicitation, analysis, and validation collectively known as?

Requirements management

Why should user and system requirements be written in different ways?

To meet specific user needs

What type of requirements describes how the system should behave?

Functional requirements

Why is requirements management necessary in the context of software development?

To ensure that software meets customer needs

What is the term used to describe a high-level, abstract statement of a service that a system should provide or a constraint on a system?

User requirements

Why must a company define its needs in a sufficiently abstract way when letting a contract for a large software development project?

To allow several contractors to bid for the contract

What is the main purpose of a system requirements document?

To specify exactly what is to be implemented

What is one of the problems that arise during the requirements engineering process?

Failure to distinguish between user and system requirements

What do user requirements and system requirements communicate about a system, according to the text?

Information about system features

What term is used to describe more detailed descriptions of the software system’s functions, services, and operational constraints?

System requirements

Test your understanding of software requirements engineering objectives, including user and system requirements, functional and non-functional software requirements, and the main requirements engineering activities.

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