Software Requirement Specification (SRS): Overview and Components

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What is the primary focus of a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document?

Functional and non-functional requirements

Which of the following is typically NOT included in an SRS document?

Database programming code

In the context of SRS, what do non-functional requirements mainly address?

Data safety and quality standards

Which phase in the software development process typically comes after the approval of the SRS document?

Coding and implementation

What purpose do user cases serve in an SRS document?

Outline different scenarios like password retrieval

Which section of an SRS document usually covers the intended audience for the software system?

User characteristics

Study Notes

  • Software Requirement Specification (SRS) is a detailed description of the software system to be developed, created in the Requirement Specification phase before the designing part.
  • SRS includes both functional and non-functional requirements, such as user cases to outline different scenarios like password retrieval, doubt clarification, or leave application.
  • The document also covers the purpose of the software, its intended audience (students, faculties, etc.), scope for future development, definitions, references from previous work, and user interfaces.
  • It mentions system interfaces, constraints, assumptions, dependencies, user characteristics (students, faculties, HOD, etc.), hardware interfaces, and communication protocols like HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Details on system features and requirements include functional requirements (registration process, navigation flow), external interfaces (third-party integrations), and logical database requirements.
  • Non-functional requirements encompass aspects like data safety, security, availability, portability, reliability, and quality standards to ensure the application's performance and user experience.
  • The final step is sending the SRS document for approval from the client before proceeding with the designing, coding, and implementation phases.

Explore the components and importance of a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document, which outlines the detailed description of a software system, including functional and non-functional requirements. Learn about user cases, system features, non-functional aspects, and the approval process involved in creating an SRS.

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