Software Engineering and Process Models Quiz Day 1

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What is the opposite of software?


Which type of software refers to applications, scripts, and programs that run on a device?

Application Software

What is the process of designing and developing software using best practices and principles?

Software Engineering

Which type of software involves the use of machines, structures, and best practices?


In which software domain would Customized Software fall?

Product line Software

What is the first consideration for an engineer when creating a software product?

Meeting end-user and business needs

Which characteristic of software refers to its ability to perform and function according to design specification?


What does maintainability of software products mainly involve?

Modifying errors and minor alterations to software code

Which characteristic of software focuses on the software's ability to utilize human and system resources effectively and efficiently?


What does reliability of a software product describe?

Ability of software to maintain its level of performance under specified conditions for a specified period of time

Test your knowledge about software engineering, software, applications, and process models. Learn about the components and domains of software applications.

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