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Which technique involves observing end users in their operational environment?

Task Analysis

What do use cases describe?

Abstractions that describe a class of scenarios

What is the purpose of asking stakeholders about the primary tasks that the system needs to perform?

To elicit requirements from the end user

Which technique involves asking the end user a list of pre-selected questions?


What do scenarios describe?

A series of interactions between a concrete end user and the system

What is the purpose of asking stakeholders what external changes the system needs to know about?

To describe the use of the system as a series of interactions

What is the main purpose of requirements validation in software engineering?

To check the correctness, completeness, consistency, clarity, realism, and traceability of the collected requirements

What are examples of nonfunctional requirements?

Robustness and reliability

What is the main challenge in requirement validation in software engineering?

Quick changes in requirements during elicitation

What is the primary purpose of requirement analysis in software engineering?

To deal with complexity through decomposition and modeling

What actions ensure good requirements management in software engineering?

Automatically creating a specification document from the requirements

What is the main purpose of types of nonfunctional requirements in software engineering?

To describe properties of the system or domain

What is the significance of traceability in requirements management?

Each system behavior can be traced to a set of functional requirements

What are some problems with requirements validation in software engineering?

Inconsistencies are easily added with each change

In which phase do high-priority features need to be demonstrated?

Usually in the second iteration

What is the purpose of constraints in nonfunctional requirements?

To impose limitations by the client or environment

Test your knowledge of the software development lifecycle, including inception, feasibility study, requirements analysis & design, implementation, testing, deployment, and iteration. Explore techniques for eliciting requirements and key components such as elaboration modelling and software architecture.

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