Sociology: Auguste Comte and Sociological Imagination

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According to Thomas theorem, how are situations perceived?

As real in their consequences

In the context of symbolic interactionism, what does 'Dramaturgy' refer to?

Viewing life as a play with frontstage and backstage behavior

Which research method involves studying observeroutine activities in a descriptive manner?

Descriptive Field Research / Participant Observation

What term is used for the relationship between variables where both increase together?

Positive correlation

What concept involves using data to generate theories?

Inductive reasoning

'Frontstage' and 'Backstage' behaviors are associated with which sociological concept?


Which sociologist introduced the concept of 'sociological imagination'?

C. Wright Mills

In the context of sociology, what does 'anomie' refer to?

A sense of estrangement from society

Which concept in sociology is associated with the idea of 'false consciousness'?


What is the main focus of structural functionalism according to the text?

Ensuring stability through group cooperation

In the context of sociology, what is meant by 'collective effervescence'?

Group dynamics resulting in collective emotions

Which sociologist is known for his emphasis on the relationship between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat in society?

Karl Marx

Learn about the father of sociology, Auguste Comte, and his contribution to systematically studying society. Explore social location classifications, quantitative and qualitative analysis, establishing patterns, and the concept of sociological imagination by C. Wright Mills.

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