Socioeconomic Status and Its Impact on Health

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What is the primary determinant of how socioeconomic status influences health in a society?

Political, cultural, and institutional factors

What is the health outcome of low socioeconomic status in terms of birth weight?

Low socioeconomic status is associated with a higher incidence of low birth weight.

What is the relationship between socioeconomic status and access to healthcare?

High socioeconomic status is associated with better access to healthcare, while low socioeconomic status is associated with limited access.

What is the impact of socioeconomic status on physical activity levels in children?

Children from low socioeconomic status families are less physically active than those from high socioeconomic status families.

What is the income range for the upper middle-income class in PHP?

Between PHP 73, 367 and PHP 125, 772

What is the characteristic of the health gradient in societies with high socioeconomic inequality?

The health gradient is steeper in societies with high socioeconomic inequality.

What is the significance of eye contact in Anglo-American culture during verbal communication?

An expression of interest and a sign of honesty

What is the implication of eye contact in many Middle Eastern and Asian cultures?

A sign of disrespect

Why is it essential to consider cultural differences in nonverbal communication during counseling?

To avoid judgment and ensure effective communication

What is the recommended strategy to ensure the correct message is conveyed to patients during counseling?

Requesting that the patient demonstrate understanding by repeating what has been told

What is the root of the word 'advocacy' and where did it originate from?

The Latin word 'advocare' meaning 'to call out for support', which originated from Ancient Rome and Greece.

What is the importance of follow-up in verbal communication during counseling?

To ensure that the message is correctly understood and to clarify any misunderstandings

How does advocacy in pharmacy relate to advancing the awareness of a pharmacist's value to society?

It is an ongoing commitment to advancing awareness by actively supporting and communicating the value concisely to various audiences to influence their perspective.

What is one of the moral and ethical responsibilities of pharmacists in relation to advocacy?

Defining the moral and ethical responsibilities of the profession, as outlined in the Code of Ethics.

What is the significance of interprofessional collaboration in pharmacy advocacy?

It promotes respect for other professions existing in the institution and harnesses their potential for collaborative efforts.

What is the primary goal of advocacy in pharmacy, as it relates to patients and the profession?

To protect patients and advocate on behalf of patients, the profession, and the public.

What is the significance of innovation in pharmacy, as it relates to advocacy?

It has enabled pharmacists to shift from product-oriented to clinically-centered services.

What are some of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals when working with multicultural patients in terms of their use of home remedies and traditional healing practices?

Challenges include patients' use of herbs and foods, traditional healing therapies and rituals, and differing perceptions of prescribed Western medicine, which may influence their commitment to treatment.

In regions with limited access to medicines and hospitals, what do patients often rely on for healthcare?

Herbs and traditional healing methods.

What is the key difference between complementary medicine and alternative medicine?

Complementary medicine is used alongside standard medical treatment, whereas alternative medicine is used instead of standard medical treatment.

Provide an example of a complementary medicine that is used to minimize the side effects of cancer chemotherapy.


What term describes the use of non-prescription products, such as Trangkaso or Ubo, to replace traditional or Western medicine?

Alternative medicine.

What are the two approaches to healthcare mentioned in the text, and how do they differ?

The two approaches are Conventional (which relies on traditional medicine and herbs) and Western Medicine (which applies to drugs, surgery, and different procedures to manage signs and symptoms of treatment).

What are the two ways pharmacists can promote advocacy for their patients, particularly those from the poor sector?

Pharmacists can promote advocacy by (1) providing free services to patients, such as in charity wards, and (2) reaching out to these patients.

What are the two key benefits of competition in the context of pharmacists providing services?

Competition is good for (1) personal development and (2) the upliftment of services provided in the department.

What two ways can competition be viewed in the context of pharmacists promoting the welfare of their patients?

Competition can be viewed as (1) using skills and knowledge to promote patient welfare and (2) using skills and knowledge against other pharmacists, which is a negative form of competition.

What are the three reasons why attending conferences is important for pharmacists?

Attendances to conferences are important for (1) development, (2) professional growth, and (3) staying committed to the goals of organizations or institutions.

What is the obligation of pharmacists beyond their individual practice sites?

Pharmacists have an obligation to extend their services beyond their individual practice sites to their broader communities.

What are the three key issues that may affect pharmacists' ability to provide services to their patients?

These issues may include legal, regulatory, and financial issues, as well as other health policy issues.

Explore the relationship between socioeconomic status and its effects on health, including access to healthcare and overall human functioning. Learn how different factors influence health outcomes in societies with varying levels of inequality. Test your knowledge on the impact of socioeconomic status on physical and mental health.

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