Socialization, Acculturation, and Feral Child Quiz

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What term refers to the shared way of living of a subgroup in a society?


Which major paradigm in sociology focuses on the inequalities present in society?

Critical theory

What is the term for when material culture innovates in society but non-material culture remains stagnant?

Cultural lag

Culture is often transmitted through:


Which term refers to the standard of behavior set by society?


A type of subculture that rejects some norms acceptable to the general public is known as:


Which approach in sociology focuses on micro-interactions and relationships within society?

Interpretive approach

Culture changes over time to adapt to the present environment or social situation. Not everything in society adopts these changes. This process is known as:


What is the term for the shared ways of behavior that are learned in society?


Which type of culture is considered intangible and includes values, mores, and laws?

Non-material culture

Test your knowledge on socialization, acculturation, and feral child concept. Learn about the process of passing culture from one generation to the next, adapting to a new culture, and the impact of lack of socialization on individuals.

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