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Where did the Avant Garde movement begin in Poland?


Who were the three most well-known 'revolutionary artists' in Poland during the Avant Garde movement?

Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, Leon Chwistek, Mieczyslaw Szczuka

What did the Avant Garde movement mean for Polish society?

It sparked a wave of creativity and experimentation

What was the main belief of the revolutionary artists in the Avant Garde movement?

Rejecting conventional artistic norms

What influenced Polish art during the Avant Garde movement?

Western European avant-garde movements

What was a significant aspect of the Avant Garde movement for Polish society?

Challenging social and political conventions

Test your knowledge of social studies with this quiz focusing on the integrated study of humanities, arts, and social sciences including history, economics, geography, and political science. Explore the diverse disciplines that make up this interdisciplinary subject.

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