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What does social studies encompass?

Humanities, the arts, and social sciences

Why was the term 'social studies' first coined?

To encompass subjects that did not fit into the models of lower education in the United States

What is one purpose of social studies at the higher education level?

To integrate several disciplines into a coherent field of subject areas

What does social studies aim to train students for?

Informed, responsible participation in a diverse democratic society

What does the content of social studies provide?

Necessary knowledge for informed, responsible participation in society

Study Notes

Definition and Scope of Social Studies

  • Social studies encompasses the study of human beings, their behavior, and relationships within various societies, including the examination of culture, politics, history, and geography.

Origins of the Term 'Social Studies'

  • The term 'social studies' was first coined in the early 20th century to provide a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to studying the social sciences.

Purpose of Social Studies in Higher Education

  • One purpose of social studies at the higher education level is to equip students with critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills to address complex social issues.

Career Preparation through Social Studies

  • Social studies aims to train students for careers in fields such as law, politics, public policy, education, and social work, among others, where they can apply their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact.

Content of Social Studies

  • The content of social studies provides students with a deep understanding of the social, cultural, and political structures of societies, as well as the relationships between individuals, groups, and institutions.

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