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Which online service allows anyone to create a customised social network around a cause, business, location, or shared interest?


What is the primary focus of social networks according to the text?

Immediate, sharing-based casual interactions between acquaintances

Which social network aims to facilitate meetings in the real world?


What is the purpose of creating custom social networks using Ning?

To add a variety of features, including advertising and donation applications

What is the primary function of a Facebook Page as mentioned in the text?

Interacting with customers through posts and updates

What action can Facebook users take if they appreciate the content or the creator of a Facebook Page?

Like the page

What distinguishes a Facebook Page from a personal profile on Facebook?

It is a public profile for brands, causes, hobbies, or companies

Test your knowledge of social networks with this quiz! From Facebook to LinkedIn, discover interesting facts about the biggest and most widely used social media platforms.

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