Social and Economic Factors in Conventional Crime Quiz

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Which ethnic group is responsible for the fewest crimes in South Africa?


What is the primary factor differentiating offenders from law-abiding citizens according to the text?


Which type of offences do females excel at, according to research worldwide?

Economic offences

What is the chivalry hypothesis?

The hypothesis that women are protected from the full impact of formal intervention by the criminal justice system

Which countries have a female prison population percentage similar to South Africa's?

Mali and Republic of Guinea

What is the juridical definition of a criminal?

A person who has transgressed a prohibition or injunction that is punishable by law and has been found guilty of an offense

What is the age limit for a juvenile according to the Correctional Services Act 8 of 1959?

21 years

What is the difference between the terms 'child' and 'juvenile' according to the departmental practice?

There is no difference

What is the minimum age for a person to be considered a criminal?

18 years

What is the definition of the term 'offender' according to the text?

A person who has transgressed a prohibition or injunction that is punishable by law and has been found guilty of an offense

Which ethnic group has the lowest crime rates according to self-report studies?


What factors have been offered as explanations for the difference in incidence of crime among different ethnic groups?

All of the above

Which researcher attributed the difference in crime rate between black and white nations to inheritable differences in intelligence, sex hormones, and aggression?

J Philippe Rushton

What did Jerome Neapolitan find when analyzing cross-national homicide rates and taking into consideration income inequality, standard of living, ethnic heterogeneity, household size, urbanization, and age composition?

Race had a very small and statistically insignificant association with variations in homicide rates across nations

What is a possible reason for the disproportionate violence among African Americans living in poor areas with high crime rates?

Exposure to more violence in daily life

Which of the following is true about the relationship between economic inequality and murder rates in a community?

Economic inequality is directly proportional to murder rates

What is the most significant factor that leads to relative deprivation and high crime rates among poor and unemployed people?

People's perception of their situation

Which of the following crimes is correlated with unemployment rates according to Gary Kleck and Ted Chiricos' research?

Food store robbery and commercial robberies

What is the impact of rapid urbanization on the high incidence of crime among black people?

It leads to the weakening of family structures and reduction of employment opportunities for semi-skilled workers in the city centre

According to Jules-Macquet (2014), what is the racial breakdown of sentenced offenders in South African prisons in 2014?

Blacks constitute the majority of sentenced offenders in South African prisons in 2014

According to the Uniform Crime Reports published by the FBI, what is the ratio of men to women who commit violent crimes?


What is the chivalry hypothesis?

The notion that women are protected by decision-makers in the criminal justice system

What is the concept of masked criminality?

The notion that females are involved in many crimes but are seldom apprehended due to their secretiveness and deceitfulness

What is the ratio of men to women who commit minor crimes according to self-report studies?


What is one reason why female criminals tend to receive lighter sentences than male criminals?

They are protected by decision-makers in the criminal justice system

According to the draft Correctional Services Bill, what is the age limit for a child?


What is the main purpose of a self-report study?

To collect information about an individual's personal experience

According to the liberal feminist approach, what is the main reason why women are denied opportunities to participate in crime?

They are denied opportunities to do the same things as men

What is the concept of differential association attempting to account for in terms of criminal behavior?

The acquisition and maintenance of criminal behavior through contact with particular environments and social groups

What is the main difference between criminally violent offenders and culturally violent offenders?

Criminally violent offenders are better educated

Quiz on the Influence of Social and Economic Factors on Conventional Crime, with a Focus on Poverty and Violence in Black Communities.

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