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Small Intestine Anatomy and Function

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What is the primary function of the small intestine?

Absorption and digestion

What is the function of villi in the small intestine?

Release digestive enzymes

What is the role of microvilli in the small intestine?

Increase absorptive capacity

Which hormone inhibits gastric secretion in the small intestine?


What stimulates the enterogastric reflex in the small intestine?

Intestinal distention

What is the primary function of the jejunum in the small intestine?

Absorption of nutrients

Which segment of the small intestine is responsible for reabsorption of vitamin B12?


What stimulates the opening of the ileocecal valve?

Gastroileal reflex

What process describes the return of bile acids to the liver from the ileum?

Enterohepatic circulation

How does the duodenal pH affect gastric emptying into the duodenum?

Decreases gastric emptying

Test your knowledge on the structure and function of the small intestine, the largest organ in the gastrointestinal system responsible for absorption and digestion. Learn about the different parts such as the duodenum, jejunum, and ileum, along with the role of villi in nutrient absorption.

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