Short Story Quiz: The Chameleon

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Who is carrying a sieve full of confiscated gooseberries?

Red-haired policeman

What is the man in the starched cotton shirt chasing in the timber-yard?

A dog

What is Otchumyelov wearing as he walks across the market square?

A new overcoat

What does the dog do after being chased by the man in the timber-yard?

Bites someone

What does Otchumyelov do when he hears the sound of a dog yelping?

Looks in the direction of the sound

What do the open doors of the shops and taverns look like, according to the text?

Hungry mouths

What is the main reason for the commotion in the text?

A man displaying a bleeding finger and seeking compensation

Who is Otchumyelov referring to as 'gentry' in the text?

The dog owner who let their dog run loose

How does Hryukin react to being bitten by the dog?

He displays his bleeding finger and demands compensation

What does the puppy's expression convey in the text?

Confusion and fear

What is Otchumyelov's initial reaction to the situation described?

Skepticism towards Hryukin's injury and concern for the puppy

What does Hryukin emphasize about his occupation when seeking compensation?

The high quality of his craftsmanship as a goldsmith

Why does Otchumyelov express his intention not to let the situation pass?

To assert his authority and enforce regulations

How does Otchumyelov describe the dog owner's behavior in the text?

'Unacceptable' and 'dangerous' for public safety

'It's not even the law, your honour, that one should put up with it from a beast.' What does this statement imply?

'Beasts' should be controlled to prevent harm to humans

What emotion is conveyed by Hryukin's coughing into his fist while recounting the incident?

Anxiety about seeking compensation

Test your knowledge of the short story 'The Chameleon' by answering questions about the characters, plot, and themes.

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