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What effect did the Franco-Prussian War have on the French districts of Alsace and Lorraine?

They passed into Prussian hands

What is the setting of the story The Last Lesson?

France during the Franco-Prussian War

What did the protagonist consider doing when he was in great dread?

Running away and spending the day outdoors

Why was the protagonist in great dread that morning?

He was unprepared for a test on participles

What did the Franco-Prussian War result in for France?

Defeat and loss of territory

What was the reason for the crowd in front of the bulletin-board?

To get the latest news and announcements

What does the expression 'thumbed at the edges' imply in the context of the text?

Reading carelessly

Why was Wachter trying to get the attention of the narrator?

To mock and tease the narrator

What was the narrator's initial reaction when he entered the classroom late?

M. Hamel greeted him kindly and asked him to take his place quickly

Why did the narrator feel surprised upon entering the classroom?

Villagers were sitting quietly at the back benches

What was significant about M. Hamel's attire on that day?

He had put on special garments for inspection and prize days

How did M. Hamel address the students when he announced it as the last lesson?

"My children, this is the last lesson I shall give you."

What is the general mood of the village people and students in the classroom?

Sad and solemn

What did Hauser bring with him to the classroom on that day?

An old primer with thumbed edges

What did the Prussian soldiers do in the open field back of the sawmill?


What did the town hall bulletin-board usually announce?


Why did the protagonist think Wachter was making fun of him when he was reading the bulletin?

He teased the protagonist about being late

What did M. Hamel wear on inspection and prize days?

Beautiful green coat and frilled shirt

Who were sitting quietly on the back benches in the classroom?

Village people

What did Hauser bring to the classroom on that day?

'Reader' textbook

What was unusual about the school on that day according to the narrator?

It was solemn and strange

Why did M. Hamel address the students with his terrible iron ruler under his arm?

To maintain discipline in class

What was happening at the town hall when the protagonist passed by?

Crowd in front of bulletin-board

What usually caused commotion when school began?

All of the above

Test your knowledge of famous short stories and their authors with this literature quiz. Explore works like The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet, Lost Spring by Anees Jung, Deep Water by William Douglas, and more.

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