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Match the following phrases with their corresponding meanings:

To accomplish = To achieve To execute = To navigate The core = Healthy balance To find the courage = To show up a better person

Match the following phrases with their corresponding actions:

To be extremely overworked = To feel grateful and honored To set boundaries = To start prioritizing myself It took a lot out of me = To appreciate To achieve = To be overwhelmed

Match the following phrases with their corresponding outcomes:

Self-work = To appreciate Within process = To be determined To navigate healthy balance = To find the courage To show up a better person = Well-being

Which phrase refers to the act of feeling grateful and honored?

To appreciate

Which phrase denotes the action of setting boundaries and prioritizing oneself?

To find the courage

Which phrase implies the outcome of being extremely overworked and overwhelmed?

To be overwhelmed

Study Notes

Phrases and Meanings

  • Phrases are matched with their corresponding meanings, actions, or outcomes
  • Four specific phrases are highlighted:
    • One phrase refers to feeling grateful and honored
    • One phrase denotes setting boundaries and prioritizing oneself
    • One phrase implies being extremely overworked and overwhelmed

Note: The exact phrases and their corresponding meanings/actions/outcomes are not specified in the provided text.

Discover your level of self-determination and resilience with this quiz. Explore how well you prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Assess your ability to set boundaries and navigate challenges while achieving personal growth and well-being.

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