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What is the purpose of thinning seedlings?

To provide more room for the remaining plants

When is the hardening process typically done?

7 to 15 days before transplanting

What is the purpose of plant propagation?

To increase the number of plant species

What is the process of transferring the lateral bud from the scion to the stock called?


What is the purpose of marcotting or air-layering?

To induce the stem to develop roots while still on the mother plant

What is the purpose of pricking seedlings?

To provide more space for proper development

What is grafting?

Inserting a scion into a stock to form a union and grow together

Which method of plant propagation involves reproducing plants from parts that grow from the mother plant?

Asexual method

What is the purpose of thinning seedlings?

To remove excess seedlings to allow others to grow better

What is the primary goal of using fertilizers on seedlings?

To provide essential nutrients for growth

What is the difference between direct seeding/planting and indirect planting?

Direct planting involves inserting seeds into a starter pot, while indirect planting involves sowing seeds directly into the garden or field

What is the main element to be observed in planting trees and fruit-bearing trees?

Proper care of plants and soil

What is the sexual method of plant propagation?

Producing plants through the fusion of egg and sperm



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Test your knowledge on the preparation of seedlings before transplanting. Learn about thinning, pricking, and hardening processes to ensure the healthy growth of seedlings.

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