Securing Software

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What language is commonly used for writing web pages?


Who is the speaker in the text?

David Malan

What is phishing?

An attempt to obtain information adversarially

What is the focus of CS50's Introduction to Cybersecurity this week?

Securing software

What is HTML commonly used for?

Writing web pages

What is the focus of this week's CS50's Introduction to Cybersecurity?

Securing accounts

In the physical world, what is the equivalent of a key for securing access?

A key

What can happen if someone else acquires your key in the physical world?

They can access the same building

What is the speaker's name in CS50's Introduction to Cybersecurity?

David Malan

What is the digital equivalent of a key for securing access?


Test your knowledge of cybersecurity with this quiz on securing software. Learn about phishing, software vulnerabilities, and best practices for ensuring the security of the software you use and write.

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