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Match the following web development concepts with their descriptions:

Secure coding practices = Identifying and preventing common vulnerabilities in web development Common vulnerability = Typical weakness or flaw that can be exploited in web development Web development scope = The range or extent of activities and tasks in web development Web development = The process of building and maintaining websites and web applications

Match the following programming languages with their common usage in web development:

JavaScript = Client-side scripting for interactive web applications HTML = Markup language for creating web page structure PHP = Server-side scripting for dynamic web content CSS = Styling and formatting web pages

Match the following security measures with their purpose in web development:

Input validation = Ensuring that user-provided data meets specific criteria before processing Cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention = Mitigating attacks that inject malicious scripts into web pages HTTPS = Encrypting data transmitted between the client and the server Content Security Policy (CSP) = Specifying the sources from which content can be loaded on a web page

Test your knowledge of secure coding practices in web development with this quiz. Identify common vulnerabilities in web development and learn to develop secure coding practices to protect your applications from cyber threats. Topics covered include input validation, authentication, authorization, encryption, and more.

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