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What traits are essential for scientists to generate new ideas?

curiosity, skepticism, creativity, and open-mindedness

What is the primary purpose of publishing research in scientific journals?

to share ideas and test others' work

Which of the following is NOT a step in the scientific methodology?

making assumptions without evidence

What is the fundamental unit of living organisms?


What is a characteristic of a useful hypothesis in science?

it must be testable

What is an observation about an object?

a description of its characteristics

What does a skeptical attitude in science ensure?

New ideas are only accepted if backed by evidence

What is a key difference between unicellular and multicellular organisms?

Their complexity and organization

What is the purpose of peer review in scientific research?

To ensure that research is free of bias and meets scientific standards

What characteristic do horses and the grass they eat NOT share?

Has the ability to move from place to place

What aspect of scientific thinking is most apparent in the bird-watcher's actions?


What is a key difference between asexual and sexual reproduction?

The number of parents involved

Study Notes

Traits for Generating New Ideas

  • Curiosity, skepticism, creativity, and open-mindedness are essential traits that help scientists generate new ideas.

Publishing Research

  • Publishing peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals allows researchers to share ideas and test/evaluate each other's work.

Scientific Methodology

  • Scientific methodology involves observing and asking questions, making inferences and forming hypotheses, conducting controlled experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and drawing conclusions.

Characteristics of Living Things

  • Living things are made up of units called cells that are based on a universal genetic code, obtain and use materials and energy, respond to their environment, maintain a stable internal environment, grow and develop, reproduce, and change over time.

Biology and Overlapping Fields

  • Biology includes many overlapping fields.

Types of Scientific Statements

  • "The worm is 2 centimeters long" is an observation.

Hypothesis Requirements

  • A hypothesis must be measurable, testable, and observable to be useful in science.

Observations vs. Inferences

  • An observation is a statement about an object based on senses, whereas an inference is a conclusion drawn from an observation.

Skeptical Attitude in Science

  • A skeptical attitude in science means that a new idea will only be accepted if it is backed by evidence.

Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

  • Unicellular and multicellular organisms are alike in that they are made up of cells, but differ in that unicellular organisms consist of a single cell, whereas multicellular organisms are composed of multiple cells.

Stimuli Examples

  • Examples of stimuli that a bird responds to include light, sound, and touch.

Peer Review

  • To ensure that a scientific work is free of bias and meets standards set by the scientific community, a research group's work is peer-reviewed by anonymous scientific experts.

Characteristics of Organisms

  • A horse and the grass it eats share characteristics such as using energy, responding to stimulus, and maintaining a stable internal environment, but differ in that horses can move from place to place.

Scientific Thinking

  • A bird-watcher's actions, such as observing and taking notes, demonstrate the aspect of scientific thinking known as observation.

Asexual Reproduction

  • Asexual reproduction involves one parent, whereas sexual reproduction involves two parents.

Quizzes on the characteristics of scientists and the scientific method, including traits that help generate new ideas and the importance of peer-reviewed articles.

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