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Which branch of science studies formal systems governed by axioms and rules?

Formal sciences

Which discipline uses scientific knowledge for practical purposes, such as in engineering and medicine?

Applied sciences

Which historical period marks the earliest written records of identifiable predecessors to modern science?

Bronze Age

Which branch of science studies the physical world, including physics, chemistry, and biology?

Natural sciences

Why is there disagreement about whether the formal sciences are science disciplines?

They lack practical applications

What is inheritance in object-oriented programming?

The mechanism of basing an object or class upon another object or class, retaining similar implementation

What does a 'child object' acquire from a 'parent object' in inheritance?

All properties and behaviors, except constructors, destructors, overloaded operators, and friend functions

What does inheritance allow programmers to do?

Create classes built upon existing classes, specify new implementation, reuse code, and extend original software

What is the difference between prototype-based inheritance and class-based inheritance?

The mechanism on which the inheritance is based

What is not inherited by a 'child object' from a 'parent object' in most class-based object-oriented languages like C++?

Constructors, destructors, overloaded operators, and friend functions

Test your knowledge of the diverse fields of science with this quiz! From physics and chemistry to economics and psychology, challenge yourself with questions on the natural and social sciences.

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