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Which branch of science studies individuals and societies?

Social sciences

Which historical period marks the earliest identifiable predecessors to modern science?

Bronze Age

What distinguishes the formal sciences from other branches of science?

They rely on empirical evidence

Which discipline uses scientific knowledge for practical purposes, such as in engineering and medicine?

Applied sciences

What characterizes the disagreement about whether formal sciences are science disciplines?

They do not rely on empirical evidence

Study Notes

Social Sciences

  • Sociology studies individuals and societies

Historical Periods

  • The earliest identifiable predecessors to modern science date back to the Ancient Greek period

Formal Sciences

  • Formal sciences are distinguished from other branches of science by their focus on abstract systems, logic, and symbols, rather than empirical observations
  • Examples of formal sciences include mathematics, logic, and computer science

Applied Sciences

  • Applied sciences, such as engineering and medicine, use scientific knowledge for practical purposes

Formal Sciences Debate

  • There is a disagreement about whether formal sciences, such as mathematics and logic, are science disciplines due to their lack of empirical observations and focus on abstract systems

Test your knowledge of the diverse branches of science with this quiz. From physics and chemistry to economics and psychology, challenge yourself with questions on various scientific disciplines.

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