SAT Vocabulary Quiz: Amalgamate, Ambiguous, Ambivalent

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Which word best describes a situation where someone has opposing feelings?


What does the word 'ameliorate' mean?

To improve

Which word would best fit in the sentence: 'The two countries __________ their differences and signed a peace treaty'?


If someone is described as 'having a lot of amenities', what does this imply about their living conditions?

They are luxurious

Amalgamate means to separate and divide.


Amenable suggests a willingness or readiness to cooperate.


Ambivalent and ambiguous can be used interchangeably in most contexts.


An amiable person is often unfriendly and unapproachable.


Explain the difference between someone who is amiable and someone who is amicable.

Amiable refers to being friendly, while amicable refers to being friendly in a situation where there could be potential conflict or tension.

Study Notes


  • 'Ambivalent' describes a situation where someone has opposing feelings.
  • 'Ameliorate' means to make something bad or unpleasant better.
  • 'Amalgamate' means to combine or unite things, especially companies or organizations.
  • An 'amenity' is a feature or facility that increases the comfort or convenience of a place.
  • 'Amenable' suggests a willingness or readiness to cooperate.

Differences between Words

  • 'Ambivalent' and 'ambiguous' are not interchangeable; 'ambivalent' means having mixed or conflicting feelings, while 'ambiguous' means open to multiple interpretations.
  • An 'amiable' person is friendly, pleasant, and good-natured, whereas an 'amicable' person is someone who is peaceful and friendly, often in a business or social relationship.

Sentence Completion

  • The correct answer is 'resolved'; the sentence should read: 'The two countries resolved their differences and signed a peace treaty.'

Test your knowledge of SAT vocabulary with this quiz featuring words such as amalgamate, ambiguous, and ambivalent. Practice identifying the meanings and usage of these words in sentences to improve your vocabulary skills.

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