SAT History and Evolution

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What is the name of the organization that wholly owns, develops, and publishes the SAT?

The College Board

What was the SAT originally designed to be aligned with?

College curricula

Who did the College Board start working with to provide free SAT preparation?

Khan Academy

What did the College Board president want to make the SAT reflect more closely with?

What students learn in high school

What was the name of the test shortly before its 2016 redesign?

SAT I: Reasoning Test

According to the article, what is one of the most commonly tested grammar rules in the SAT Writing Section?

Subject-verb agreement

Which test did CollegeBoard drastically alter the format of their SAT Writing to resemble?

ACT English Test

What is the purpose of compiling the top ten essential grammar rules for SAT Writing and Language Test according to the article?

To help students prep for both SAT and ACT simultaneously

What must be singular if the subject is singular according to the article?


What would be an example of a plural subject and a plural verb according to the article?

The bird sings in the morning.

Test your knowledge of the history and evolution of the SAT, a widely used standardized test for college admissions in the United States. Learn about the various name changes and scoring components that have occurred since its debut in 1926.

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