Sampling Techniques: Random Sampling

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What is the main difference between systematic random sampling and stratified random sampling?

Systematic random sampling involves choosing a random starting point, while stratified random sampling groups the population based on categories.

If a population of 100 students is to be sampled using systematic random sampling with a sample size of 20, what would be the value of q in this scenario?


In systematic random sampling, how can the starting point be determined?

By dividing the total number of population members by the desired sample size

What is a key advantage of stratified random sampling over systematic random sampling?

Stratified random sampling ensures each stratum is represented in the sample

If a population of 80 individuals is divided into 4 strata for stratified random sampling, how many individuals would be in each stratum if all strata are required to be equally represented in the sample?


Why might stratified random sampling be preferred over systematic random sampling?

It ensures equal representation of all population groups

What is random sampling?

A technique used to choose sample members where everyone in the population has equal chances of being included

What is the lottery method in random sampling?

A technique where researchers randomly select sample members using a draw

Why might systematic random sampling be preferred over simple random sampling?

It requires less effort and time

How does systematic random sampling work?

Selecting every 5th individual from the population list

What is stratified random sampling?

A technique used to divide the population into subgroups before sampling from each subgroup

What is a key advantage of using stratified random sampling over simple random sampling?

It allows for representation from different subgroups in the population

Learn about random sampling, a technique where every member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. This quiz covers simple, systematic, and stratified random sampling methods commonly used in research.

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