Salivary Gland Secretion

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What is the role of the cells lining the striated ducts in salivary gland secretion?

Secrete potassium and bicarbonate ions

Which statement accurately describes the structure of salivary gland acini?

They are enclosed in a fibrous tissue capsule

How does sympathetic nerve activity affect salivary gland secretion?

Reduces secretion with a higher concentration of mucous cells

Why does saliva taste relatively salty compared to plasma?

Because sodium chloride is removed by the cells of the intercalated ducts

Which salivary gland is the smallest among the major salivary glands?

Sublingual gland

What percentage of salivary volume does the sublingual gland produce?


Which duct system does the greater sublingual gland drain into?

Bartholin duct

Where do the minor salivary glands have their highest concentration in the oral cavity?


Which salivary gland is considered a mixed gland due to its serous and mucous secretions?

Submandibular gland

Where does the parotid (Stensen) duct enter the oral cavity?

Opposite the maxillary first or second molar area

Which salivary gland accounts for approximately 70% of salivary production?

Submandibular gland

What substance, produced by the parotid gland, begins the digestion of starches?

Alpha amylase

Test your knowledge about the structure and function of the salivary glands. Learn about mucous and serous cells, acini, ducts, and the secretion process in salivary glands.

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