Safeguarding Children in Transport

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What is a common sign of child sexual exploitation in a taxi or private hire vehicle?

Young people having older boyfriends or girlfriends

Why is it important for taxi or private hire drivers to remain professional?

To protect yourself from allegations

What should you do if you suspect child sexual exploitation in your taxi or private hire vehicle?

Report your concerns to the authorities

Why should you sit children in the rear of the vehicle when possible?

To prevent allegations of inappropriate contact

What should you avoid doing when transporting children?

Giving them a gift or money

What is a warning sign of child sexual exploitation in a taxi or private hire vehicle?

Young people being given jewellery or drugs

What should you do if a child tries to engage in conversation about inappropriate topics?

Change the subject

Why is it important to report concerns about child sexual exploitation?

To protect the child and prevent further exploitation

What should you never do when transporting children?

Become overly friendly or engage in a relationship

What is child sexual exploitation?

When children are forced into sexual activities in exchange for rewards

Study Notes

Protecting Vulnerable Children in Transportation

  • As a taxi or private hire vehicle driver, you have a responsibility to look after vulnerable children and protect yourself from allegations.
  • Child sexual exploitation (CSE) involves young people receiving something in return for engaging in sexual activities.
  • Offenders often have power over their victims due to age, gender, intellect, physical strength, or economic resources, and use violence, intimidation, and coercion.

Signs of Child Sexual Exploitation in Your Vehicle

  • Young people having older boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Dressing or acting older than their age
  • Being given jewellery, drugs, alcohol, money, or gadgets
  • Being transported to bars or hotels with older persons

Protecting Yourself and Identifying CSE

  • Remain professional at all times
  • Sit children in the rear of the vehicle where possible
  • Only have physical contact when appropriate or required
  • Report any concerns or changes in behaviour
  • Ask for advice if needed
  • Never become overly friendly or engage in relationships with children

Red Flags to Watch Out for

  • Concerns about venues or locations you drop young people off at or pick up at
  • Concerns about adults paying for young people's taxi fares
  • Concerns about young people's conversations in your vehicle

What to Do If You Suspect CSE

  • Report your concerns to the appropriate authorities
  • Do not attempt to investigate or confront the situation yourself

As a driver, it's essential to understand the risks of child exploitation and know how to protect yourself and your vulnerable passengers. This quiz covers the signs of sexual exploitation and how to prevent it.

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