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Russia's Climate

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What image comes to mind when thinking of Russia?

Cold weather

What is the region in Russia that is suitable for growing crops?

A band of land from Ukraine to Central Asia

What was a profitable way for early Russians to sell their excess produce?

Distilling it into vodka

What is the origin of the word 'vodka'?

From the Russian word for water

What feature of the Russian landscape helped early Russians grow more food?


What was the significance of Kiev, the main city of the Kievan Rus?

It was the largest city in Western Europe

Approximately when did the Slavs and Kievan Rus start living in the region?

From 700 AD onwards

What was the primary focus of the early Rus settlements?


What method of agriculture did the Rus practice?

Slash and burn

What was a significant problem faced by early farmers, including the Rus?

Nutrient loss in the soil

What was the significance of the rivers in the Slavic region?

They facilitated trade between the Vikings and the Byzantines

What was the result of the trade routes that connected the Vikings, Byzantines, and Central Europe?

The Rus grew wealthy and were exposed to new cultural ideas

What event led to the decline of the Kievan Rus?

The threat of the Cumans to the trade routes

What was the impact of the Cumans on the Kievan Rus?

They severed the easy trade routes south with the Byzantine Empire

What was a cultural idea that the Rus were exposed to through trade?

Orthodox Christianity

Explore the climate of Russia, often associated with cold winters, and discover the advantages it brings to its natives, including a suitable growing season for crops.

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