Roles & Hierarchy on a Film Set

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Who is usually responsible for ensuring the film's budget is managed?

Line Producer

What is the primary role of the director in the film hierarchy?

To guide the film's creative vision

Who is responsible for capturing the film's images?

The Cinematographer

What is the role of the principal cast in the film hierarchy?

To portray the characters that bring the film to life

Who reports to the cinematographer?

The Camera Operator

What is the primary job of a producer in a film project?

Finding and providing funding

Who is responsible for overseeing every aspect of the film's budget?

Line Producer

Who do line producers report to?

The Executive Producer

What is the role of an executive producer in a film project?

Acquiring or providing funding for the film

What is the role of a producer in a film project, aside from finding funding?

Establishing budgets and communicating with the director

Explore the various jobs on a movie set and understand the hierarchy in the film crew. Learn about the distinction between 'above the line' and 'below the line' roles, and how each contributes to the production process.

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