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What is the main topic of the text?

The impact of weathering on landforms

What evidence does the speaker use to support the claim that the Earth undergoes changes?

Visual evidence from a trip to Cape Cod

What process is described as adding sediments and rocks to a landform?


What is the significance of the Canadian Shield in relation to deposition?

It was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago

What is the purpose of the speaker's final remark about the Declaration of Independence?

To highlight the tour guide's lack of knowledge

What is the main idea of the text?

The narrator is frustrated with the tour guide's lack of knowledge about landforms

How were the Hawaiian Islands formed?

From underwater volcanoes that erupted and formed rock

What process is described as causing the Hawaiian Islands to grow?

The eruption of underwater volcanoes and the resulting cooled lava forming rock

Why does the narrator mention a few thousand years for another island to form to the west of the Hawaiian Islands?

To illustrate the continuous volcanic activity leading to new island formation

How does the narrator's interaction with the tour guide contribute to the main theme of the text?

It demonstrates the narrator's frustration with misinformation about landforms

Test your knowledge of the Rocky Mountains and Colorado history and geography by answering questions about the tour guide's misinformation. See if you can spot the inaccuracies and learn more about the area in the process.

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