Robinson Crusoe Review Sheet: Chapters 1-2 Vocabulary Words

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Match the following vocabulary words with their meanings:

abate = To reduce in amount or intensity felicity = Intense happiness tempest = A violent windy storm entreaty = A plea or request

Match the following terms with their descriptions:

penitence = Feeling or expressing sorrow for sins or offenses anchor = A heavy object attached to a rope or chain to hold a ship in place mast = A tall vertical pole on a ship that supports sails founder = To fill with water and sink

Match the following terms with their actions:

consented = Agreed to something repentance = Feeling remorse or regret for past actions vow = A solemn promise or pledge bow = To incline the body as a gesture of respect

Match the following characters with their perspectives on life:

Middle Station = Father's advice for a balanced approach to life Elder Brother = Fate or outcome not explicitly stated in the text Mother = Concerns about setting sail Crusoe = Desire to explore and travel

Match the following actions with the character Crusoe:

Considering a job = Undecided occupation mentioned in the text Boarding a ship = Leaving from an unspecified location Offered something on the boat = Incident of receiving an offer during the journey Experiencing an event on the boat = Event details not explicitly specified in the text

Match the following individuals with their interactions with Crusoe:

Father = Providing advice on life's approach Elder Brother = Outcome or fate not explicitly described in the text Mother = Expressing concerns about sailing Boat crew members = Offering something and experiencing an event with Crusoe

Match the following feelings with Crusoe's experiences:

Curiosity and wanderlust = Crusoe's desire to explore and travel Indecision and contemplation = Crusoe considering different job options Excitement and uncertainty = Boarding a ship without a clear destination mentioned Opportunity and surprise = Being offered something on the boat without specific details

Name : ________________ Robinson Crusoe Review Sheet for Chapters 1-2 Vocabulary words 1.abate - ___________________________________


2.misery - _________________________________


3.averse - ___________________________________


4.Providence - ________________________________

divine guidance

5.discourse -_________________________________


6.felicity - ___________________________________


What is the 'middle staDon' of life? What examples does his father give in his explanaDon of why the 'middle staDon' is the best approach to life and why does he advise Robinson to pursue it?


What happened to his elder brother?


What does his mother think about his wanDng to set sail?


How would you characterize Crusoe’s need to travel?


What job was Crusoe considering?


Where does he board a ship from and where does he go? What day was it on?

Hull; London; Monday

Study Notes

Vocabulary Review

  • Abate: means to reduce or decrease
  • Misery: a state of great unhappiness or suffering
  • Averse: having a strong feeling of dislike or opposition
  • Providence: the guiding or protective power of God
  • Discourse: formal and serious conversation or discussion
  • Felicity: a state of great happiness or good fortune

Life Perspectives

  • The "middle station" of life: a life of moderate means and ambitions, avoiding extremes of wealth and poverty

Crusoe's Background

  • Father's advice: pursue the "middle station" of life, avoiding extremes, to ensure a stable and peaceful life
  • Father's examples: a king may be troubled by the weight of responsibility, while a beggar may be miserable due to poverty
  • Elder brother: died at sea
  • Mother's opinion: opposed to Crusoe's desire to set sail, fearful of the dangers of the sea

Crusoe's Personality

  • Crusoe's need to travel: characterized by a strong desire for adventure and exploration
  • Job consideration: Crusoe was considering becoming a lawyer

First Voyage

  • Departure: Crusoe boards a ship from Hull, England, and sets sail to London
  • Date: September 1st

Prepare for a review of key vocabulary words from Chapters 1-2 of Robinson Crusoe. Test your understanding of terms like 'abate', 'misery', 'averse', and more.

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