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What is the penalty for failing to obey construction and maintenance signs, signals, and markings?

$1,000 fine and/or up to 30 days in jail

What does the Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem indicate?

Vehicles traveling at speeds of 25 MPH or less

What does a Business Route Guide Sign indicate?

An officially designated highway through the business section of a city

What is the purpose of Mileposts on interstate highways?

To mark every mile on the highway

What is the consequence of speeding in construction and maintenance zones when workers or equipment are present?

Doubled fines

What is the purpose of Guide Signs that are green, white, or brown?

To provide travel information and identify highways

What is the significance of numbering on north-south highways according to the text?

Numbering starts at the southern line

'Channeling Devices' refer to equipment used for what purpose?

Directing traffic flow

'Business Route Guides Sigs' signify routes that go through what area of a city?

'Business' portions of a city

'BARRICADE' is an example of what type of device used on roads?

'Traffic Control' device

Test your knowledge of road signs and signals with this quiz. Learn to recognize important warnings and instructions for safe driving, such as divided highways, steep hills, school zones, and reflectors for nighttime driving.

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