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What should be assessed and compared on the hands during the respiratory examination?


What angle should the head of the bed be adjusted to for the respiratory examination?

45° angle

What should be inspected for in the hands during the respiratory examination?

Tar staining

What should be assessed for in the hands during the respiratory examination?


What should be confirmed before proceeding with the examination?

Patient's name and date of birth

Study Notes

Respiratory Examination

  • During the respiratory examination, the hands should be assessed and compared for clubbing, cyanosis, and edema.
  • The head of the bed should be adjusted to a 45-degree angle to facilitate the examination.
  • Inspect the hands for nail bed abnormalities, finger shape, and color.
  • Assess the hands for pulsations, temperature, and sweating.
  • Confirm that the patient is comfortable and relaxed before proceeding with the examination.

Test your knowledge of the essential steps and considerations for conducting a thorough respiratory examination with this OSCE checklist quiz. Practice your skills in introducing the examination, obtaining consent, and preparing the patient, all while following proper hygiene and communication protocols. Ideal for medical students and healthcare professionals preparing for clinical assessments.

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