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What are the disadvantages of a resin bonded bridge?

Irreversible procedure, metal display, no alignment correction, uncertain longevity, large edentulous spans cannot be treated, replacement of only one posterior teeth

What are the advantages of a resin bonded bridge?

Minimal tooth preparation conservatism, reduced cost, no anesthetic, tissue tolerance, no provisional

What are the goals of a resin bonded bridge?

  1. Conservatism, 2. Replacement of missing tooth, maximum coverage without compromising occlusion, esthetics, or periodontal health

What are the types of Resin Bonded Fixed Partial Dentures (RBFPD)?

Cantilever, fixed-fixed, fixed-movable, hybrid

What is a Cantilever Resin Bonded Bridge and what are its characteristics?

It involves the use of a single retainer, the abutment tooth may be either mesial or distal, less expensive but limited to replacing one missing tooth

Study Notes

Resin Bonded Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)

  • Definition: An extracoronal cast restoration consisting of one or more pontics supported by thin metal retainers (wings) bonded lingually and proximally to the enamel of the abutment teeth.

Indications for Resin Bonded FPD

  • Replacement of one or two missing mandibular incisors.
  • Single tooth replacement in cases of intact, sound, caries-free, well-developed teeth.
  • Replacement of maxillary incisors in cases of normal bite, moderate overbite, or open bite.
  • Single posterior tooth replacement in young age with conservative intra-enamel preparation.
  • Abutments with sufficient enamel (at least 50%) to provide retention.

Additional Indications

  • Adequate clinical crowns to provide resistance and retention.
  • Stabilization following orthodontic treatment.
  • Short span bridges.
  • Normal occlusion.
  • Splinting of periodontally involved teeth.

Contraindications for Resin Bonded FPD

  • Ni allergy.
  • Long edentulous span.
  • Poor enamel quality.

Test your knowledge of resin retained fixed partial dentures, resin bonded retainers, and Maryland bridges with this quiz. Learn about the definition and components of these extracoronal cast restorations.

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