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Residential Home Example and Electrical Plans Quiz

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What is the recommended approach for sizing electrical service according to the text?

Reviewing electrical loads for appliances, HVAC, lighting, and EV charging

What is a key aspect of optimizing panel capacity according to the text?

Selecting low-power appliances and right-sizing equipment

How can power-sharing circuit switches be beneficial in home electrical planning?

To share power between 240 Volt outlets like an EV charger and an intermittently used appliance

What is a requirement for having EV charging capable spaces according to the 2020 NYStretch standards?

Outlet or panel capacity and conduit for future installation of EV chargers

When do the solar ready requirements in 2020 NYStretch apply?

When the conditioned floor area exceeds 1,400 square feet for detached one and two-family dwellings and townhomes

This quiz covers the use of electrical plans in a 2,800 single-family all-electric home with a semi-conditioned basement, located in City of Beacon, Climate Zone 5. The quiz discusses the features to be shown on construction documents and panel interconnection. Ideal for those studying or working in the field of residential construction.

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