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What is the term for a couple's inability to conceive a child or sustain a pregnancy to birth?


What percentage of couples with subfertility problems have a multifactorial cause?


What percentage of women with fertility problems experience ovulatory failure?


What percentage of couples will conceive within 6 months if they engage in coitus at an average of 4 times a week?


What is the term for a woman's inability to conceive because of a known condition, such as absence of a uterus?


What percentage of couples with subfertility problems have a cause that is unknown?


What can cause obstruction in the pathway of spermatozoa?

Diseases such as mumps orchitis, epididymitis, and gonorrhea

What is another name for erectile dysfunction?


What can be a solution to ejaculation problems?

Psychological or sexual counseling

What is epispadias?

Urethral opening on the dorsal surface of the penis

What is premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation before penetration

What type of problems are discussed in the text?

Both male and female fertility problems

What is the characteristic of cervical mucus during ovulation?

Thin and watery

What is the average normal sperm count in a semen sample?

50-200 million/milliliter

What is the purpose of the Sperm Penetration Assay?

To determine if sperm can penetrate the ovum effectively

What is the recommended duration of sexual abstinence before semen analysis?

2-4 days

What is the purpose of ovulation monitoring?

To detect any luteal phase defect

What is the purpose of Sonohysterography?

To inspect the uterus

What is the main cause of scarring in the fallopian tubes?

Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory disease

What percentage of women who acquire PID are left subfertile?


When is PID most likely to occur in the fallopian tubes?

At the end of menstrual period

What can result in inadequate endometrium formation?

Poor secretion of estrogen or progesterone

What is the normal pH range of vaginal secretions?

3.8 to 4.5

What can cause the motility of spermatozoa to be limited or destroyed?

Infection of the vagina

What is the most common cause of subfertility in women?

Absence of ovulation

What is the condition that interferes with hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian interaction?


When are FSH and LH production disrupted?

When glucose or insulin levels are too high

What should women try to maintain for ideal ovarian function?

Ideal body weight

What is a factor that contributes to poor ovarian function?

Poor diet

What is a part of fertility assessment?

All of the above

This quiz explores the role of cervical mucus in reproduction, including its changes during ovulation and how it affects sperm penetration. It also discusses factors that can compromise sperm penetration, such as infection and polyps.

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