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Religious Influence in North Carolina

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Which religious denominations can still be found scattered throughout North Carolina today?

Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Lutheran

What belief do Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Lutheran groups share in relation to salvation?

Salvation is given by God through grace and not works

What contributed to the establishment of all 37 independent colleges and universities in North Carolina?

Religious groups

What recent trend has led to the growth of Catholic congregations in North Carolina?

Migration of people from the northeastern US and Hispanics into North Carolina

Which denominations were primarily responsible for starting a number of churches in the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont during the religious fervor of the First Great Awakening?

Presbyterians and Baptists

Test your knowledge of the religious influence in North Carolina from 1750-1800 and its impact on the state's history. Learn about the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Lutheran churches established by early settlers, and their beliefs on salvation through grace.

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