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What is the formulaic rule of thumb for calculating the slab thickness in the flat plate system?


Which type of slab utilizes truncated pyramids and cones as column capitals to handle punching shear?

Flat Slab

In the one-way solid slab system, what is the recommended thickness of the slab in relation to the span?


Which type of slab system can provide support for heavier loads at longer spans compared to the flat slab system?

Waffle Slab

What is the concrete cover thickness typically in the one-way joist ribbed slab system?

5 cm

What is the typical thickness of a one-way RC slab in terms of span?

Span/(16 -> 20)

In a residential building, what is the typical maximum span of a beam?

6.0 m

What is the cross-sectional area requirement for a column according to the text?

More than 30 cm

What is the typical spacing range between posts in a structure as per the text?

4:6 m

Which system allows for large horizontal spans with materials of little tensile capacity like masonry and unreinforced concrete?

Flat Plate System

What is the typical depth that shear wall beams can reach?

2 m

For which system are the beams poured at the same time as the slab?

One-Way Solid Slab System

What is a common characteristic of the Flat Plate System?

Slab depth typically ranges from 10 cm to 25 cm

Which system can handle longer one-way spans and heavier loads than solid slab systems?

One-Way Solid Slab System

What is a disadvantage of the One-Way Solid Slab System?

Suitable for spans of less than 6 m

Which system is limited to light loads and short spans?

Flat Plate System

What is a rule of thumb for determining the slab thickness in the Flat Slab system?


Test your knowledge on reinforced concrete slabs including rule of thumb for slab thickness, spans, use of column capitals, waffle slabs, two-way concrete joist system and hollow block slabs. Explore the differences between one and two-way slabs.

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