Recent NASA Space Discoveries

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Which NASA mission deployed a seismometer onto the surface of Mars?

Insight Mission

What did the Hubble Space Telescope capture the most detailed image of?

Triangulum Galaxy

Which spacecraft was launched directly into the Sun's atmosphere, about 4 million miles from the surface?

Parker Jotlar Probe

Where did SpaceX launch Falcon Heavy into space?

Mars Orbit

What did the Chinese lunar exploration mission Chang'e 4 successfully execute in January 2019?

Soft landing on the Moon's near side

Which spacecraft holds the record for being the only human-made object to reach so close to the Sun?

Parker Solar Probe

How far away is Ultima Thule located from Earth, according to the text?

Beyond Pluto

What did SpaceX launch into space in 2018 using Falcon Heavy?

Elon Musk's sports car

Which mission executed the first soft landing on the far side of the Moon in January 2019?

Chang'e 4

What was captured by NASA's New Horizon spacecraft, making it the most distant object ever explored?

An object in the Kuiper belt

Test your knowledge on recent exciting discoveries made by NASA in space exploration missions like the deployment of InSight's seismometer on Mars, New Horizon's exploration of Ultima Thule in the Kuiper belt, Hubble's detailed image of the Triangulum Galaxy, and Parker Solar Probe breaking records.

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