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Which of the following statements is NOT true about half-life of radioisotopes?

The faster the isotope decays the more stable it is

1 becquerel is equivalent to ___

2.7 x 10^-6 curie

Which type of radiation has no mass and no charge but has the greatest penetrating power?

Gamma radiation

The effect of the radioactive particles passing through biological tissue would depend upon which of the following characteristics?


Which of the following is used as the unit of measure for radioactivity?


Petrolatum USP is NOT soluble in _______?

Ethyl alcohol

What is liberated when potassium permanganate is reacted with hydrochloric acid?


Which of the following phrases BEST describes the process of water undergoing electrolysis to form hydrogen and oxygen molecules?

Chemical change

The following react with water forming an acid solution, EXCEPT:


Which of the following refers to a kind of chemical reaction whereby a substance splits into simpler substances?

Decomposition reaction

Which of the following statements best describes facilitated diffusion?


This allotrope of Phosphorous is made by heating phosphorus at 200 degrees Celsius under a pressure of 1,200 atm.

Black phosphorus

What happens to the water solubility of alcohols as the molecular weight increases?

It increases

How does the polarity of alcohols change with an increase in the number of hydroxyl groups?

It decreases

What happens to the water solubility of alcohols as the branching of the carbon chain increases?

It decreases

Which statement is correct about Mineral Oil USP?

It is miscible with alcohol

What is the correct description of surfactants?

They have water solubilizing and fat solubilizing groups in the same molecule

Which compound is formed when there is a combination of an electron donor and a metal forming a ring structure?


Test your knowledge on half-life of radioisotopes with this quiz! Questions cover concepts like decay rates, stability, and radioactivity conversions.

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