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What is the transmission range of URC - 601?

3 TO 4 KMS (LOS)

Which type of modulation does URC - 187 use?

Amplitude Modulated (AM)

What is one disadvantage of tactical radio sets mentioned in the text?

Interference from Precipitation

How many power sources are mentioned for URC - 187?

36 PCS BA - 30

What is the press to talk characteristic of URC - 601?


Which radio equipment mentioned uses Whip Antenna?

URC - 601

What is the primary means of communication in tactical units?

Tactical radio sets

Which term refers to a medium by which a message is conveyed from one person to another?

Means of communication

Which type of equipment is especially adopted for rapid-changing situations like air-to-ground communication?

Tactical radio sets

What is the main means of communication used in all military units?


What does the term 'agency of communication' refer to?

Facility providing signal communication

What is the principal method or means of conveying information from one person or place to another?

Signal communication

What is the purpose of a collective call sign in a radio net?

To identify two or more stations in a particular radio net but not all stations in the net

Which proword indicates 'I received your last message satisfactorily'?


What is the meaning of the proword 'Wilco'?

I will comply to your instruction

When should 'Lima Charlie' be used in radio communication?

When the message received is loud and clear

What does the proword 'Break' signify in radio communication?

Stop your conversation and allow me to transmit for an urgent message

What does an individual call sign identify in a radio net?

A single call to any station within the net

Study Notes

Radio Communication

  • A radio net is a group of stations working together on the same frequency.

Identifying Radio Stations

  • A call sign is a combination of pronounceable words that identifies a facility or station.
  • An individual call sign identifies a single station within a net.
  • A collective call sign identifies two or more stations in a particular radio net, but not all stations.
  • A net call sign identifies all radio stations in a net, including the station calling and its own identity.

Pro Words

  • Pro words are pronounceable words with assigned meanings to facilitate transmission by radio communication.
  • Examples of pro words and their meanings:
    • Over: My transmission is ended, and I expect a response from you.
    • Roger: I received your last message satisfactorily.
    • Out: My transmission is ended, and I expect no response from you.
    • Wilco: I will comply with your instruction.
    • Query: Clarification is needed.
    • Lima Charlie: I received your message loud and clear.
    • Say again: I did not understand your transmission, please repeat.
    • Wait one: Request that you wait for a minute.
    • Read back: Read back the message you have copied.
    • Radio silence: Cease transmission immediately, but keep listening on the same frequency.
    • Break-break: Stop your conversation and allow me to transmit an urgent message.

Signal Communication

  • Signal communication is a method or means of conveying information from one person or place to another, except by direct conversation.
  • Means of communication is a medium by which a message is conveyed from one person to another.
  • Agency of communication is a facility that provides signal communication by any particular means or combination thereof.

Tactical Radio Sets

  • Tactical radio sets are the principal means of communication in tactical units, used for command, fire control, exchange of information, and administrative purposes.
  • They are especially adopted for rapid-changing situations, such as air-ground-ship-to-shore and air-to-air communication.
  • They are essential for communication in impassable terrain or where wire and other means are impractical to install.

Means of Communication

  • Wire is used as the principal means of communication in all military units.
  • Wire communication embraces all equipment used for laying, recovering wire, battery-operated and sound-powered telephones, switchboards, and teletype equipment when authorized.

Familiarization of Radio Equipment

  • PRC-77 characteristics:
    • Frequency-modulated (FM)
    • Transmission range: 8 km (LOS)
    • Whip antenna
    • Power source: 12 VDC, 20 PCS BA-30, 12V wet cell battery
    • Press to talk (handset)
  • URC-601 characteristics:
    • Handheld
    • Press to talk
    • Whip antenna
    • Transmission range: 3-4 km (LOS)
    • Power source: 8 PCS BA-30
  • URC-187 characteristics:
    • Amplitude-modulated (AM)
    • Transmission range: 40 km (sky wave propagation)
    • Dipole antenna
    • Press to talk (handset)
    • Power source: 36 PCS BA-30, 12-24V wet cell battery

Advantages of Tactical Radio Sets

  • Speed of installation: easy to establish than wire or other means of communication
  • Flexible: no fixed circuit is required to be constructed
  • Provides communication across terrain where it may be impractical to install wire

Disadvantages of Tactical Radio Sets

  • Lack of security: radio is the least secured means, and it is always assumed that interception can occur every time the transmitter is placed on operation
  • Subject to interference from precipitation and jamming from other missions

Test your knowledge on radio communication terminology including concepts like Radio Net, Call Signs, Individual Call Signs, Collective Call Signs, and Net Call Signs.

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