Jewish History Recap (Year 8 Iyun)

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Who were the Rabbis guiding the Jewish community in Bavel?


What was the title given to the leaders of the Torah schools in Bavel?


Why were they called 'the great ones'?

The Geonim were called 'the great ones' because of their role as the greatest rabbis of their time.

What was the role of the 'Resh Galuta' in Bavel?

Political leader responsible for collecting taxes and giving them to the Bavel governments

What important text spread far and wide throughout the Jewish world during the time of the Geonim?

Babylonian Talmud

What was the purpose of the Teshuvot?

The Teshuvot were the letters sent to the Geonim with doubts about Jewish law, and the Geonim's responses to these questions.

How did the Geonim ensure the credibility of their answers?

The Geonim always wrote their answers using sources from the Tenach (Written Torah) and the Talmud (Oral Torah) to back up their responses.

What were the Sheilot U'Teshuvot?

The Sheilot U'Teshuvot were books compiled with many questions and answers, known as 'Questions and Answers'.

What was the Pact of Omar?

The Pact of Omar required that non-Muslims pay certain taxes to Muslims and it stopped non-Muslims from practising any other religion in public. However, it allowed Jews to live peacefully alongside their Muslim neighbours.

What did Rabbeinu Gershom Ben Yehudah do to help Judaism during the Dark Ages?

Rabbeinu Gershom ben Yehudah (940CE-1040CE) was a hugely important Torah scholar at the time, who helped keep Judaism alive by tirelessly teaching the Jews of Germany.

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