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Why is it important for the public sector to deliver services with other sectors?

To enhance collaboration and resource sharing

What might be a disadvantage of partnership delivery models?

Limited autonomy in decision-making

How does collaboration with other sectors impact public service delivery?

It enhances the effectiveness of service provision

What is a key benefit of the public sector delivering services with other sectors?

Collaboration leading to improved service innovation

In what way can partnership delivery models impact decision-making in public services?

By reducing the effectiveness of decision-making autonomy

How do public service organisations promote efficiency through planning and coordinating activities?

By streamlining processes and resources

What is the purpose of public services coordinating responses to incidents?

To provide a quicker response to incidents

Why are clear communication channels important at incidents?

To help pass information accurately and securely

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of planning and coordinating activities across public service organisations?

Enhanced confusion

In the context of public services, what is a likely consequence of ineffective communication channels during incidents?

Accurate information sharing challenges

What is one role of central government?

Drafting and implementing national policies

How does central government fund public services?

Through taxation

What is one role of social services in relation to child protection?

Creating child protection plans

Which of the following is not a role of central government based on the text?

Managing local police departments

In what way do social services interact with other services in child protection?

Collaborating in child protection conferences

What is a common responsibility of central government and social services based on the text?

Ensuring child protection

What is one way that public services can be delivered?

Through privatization

Which court is the family division of the magistrates’ court?

County Court

Which of the following is NOT a civil court?

Crown Court

What term is defined in the text as 'accountability'?

The obligation to accept responsibility for actions

Public services are accountable for which of the following?

Public service delivery

Linked to the last question: What serious failings were identified in the independent report concerning the Royal Navy?

Health and fitness issues

Name one of the other civil courts mentioned in the text apart from the family division of the magistrates’ court.

High Court

Study Notes

Public Services

  • Central government funds public services through taxation.
  • Central government has other roles apart from funding public services.

Social Services

  • Social services take part in child protection conferences with other services to create child protection plans.
  • Social services have other roles beyond child protection.

Civil Courts

  • One civil court is the family division of the magistrates’ court.
  • There are other civil courts beyond the family division of the magistrates’ court.


  • Public services are accountable for public service delivery.
  • Accountability means being responsible for one's actions and decisions.

Partnership Delivery Models

  • Partnership delivery models have disadvantages, one of which is unstated.
  • Independent reports can find serious failings within public services, such as health and fitness concerns within the Royal Navy.

Public Service Grouping

  • Public services can be grouped into categories, such as national, society, armed services, emergency services, local authorities, central government, ambulance services, and voluntary/third sector.
  • Public services can be delivered in various ways, including public service partnerships.

Review the examination details for the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award, Certificate, Extended Certificate, Diploma in Public Services Unit 1. Ensure you have the necessary materials and follow the instructions provided.

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