Public Health Nutrition Overview

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What is the underlying theoretical model of the broad approach to health defined in the text?


Which approach defines health as more than just the absence of disease?

Broad approach

What are the major public health activities associated with the broad approach?

Link public health science with policy

Why are predictive equations for estimating daily calorie needs considered unreliable for designing nutrition plans?

They are inaccurate

What does an 'ABCD' approach stand for in nutrition assessment?

Anthropometrics, Biochemical, Clinical, Dietary

What does anthropometric assessment primarily measure?

Body composition and growth

What is the main focus of Public Health Nutrition?

Promoting good health through nutrition

How does Public Health Nutrition define health according to the WHO?

Complete mental, physical, and social well-being

What does Epidemiology provide in Public Health Nutrition?

Methods to study disease occurrence in human populations

How does the Narrow Approach differ from the Public Health Nutrition approach?

Emphasizes individual risk reduction

What is the primary goal of Public Health according to the text?

Promoting the health of entire populations

How is Public Health defined in the text?

Collective action for population health protection

Learn about Public Health Nutrition which focuses on promoting good health through nutrition, preventing nutrition-related illnesses, and applying knowledge to solve health problems in the population. This approach combines biological and social sciences, epidemiological evidence, and program development.

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