Psycholinguistics in Applied Linguistics

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What is the primary responsibility of the left hemisphere of the human brain?

Language processing

In which field has a general model of communication been set up to subdivide language processing into various levels or modules?


What defines mode of communication as mentioned in the text?

The means by which messages are transmitted

Which type of communication is restricted to a limited range of sounds, body movements, or olfactory signals according to the text?

Non-verbal communication

What type of communication is dependent on the way it is programmed and lacks the degree of flexibility existent in human communication?

Machine communication

What is the focus of the current course in applied linguistics?


Which of the following is NOT a core aspect of psycholinguistics?

Forensic linguistics

What does psycholinguistics study in relation to speech production and comprehension?

The mental mechanisms involved

Which area of psycholinguistics is concerned with children's ability to speak their mother tongues during their first years of life?

Language acquisition

What is the main goal of neurolinguistics?

Understanding the function of the brain in language processing

Test your knowledge of psycholinguistics, a branch of applied linguistics that focuses on the mental mechanisms involved in language use, including language processing and acquisition.

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