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What is the primary trade and commercial centre for all of southwestern Mindanao?

Cotabato City

Which dessert is a softer version of the Maranao Dudul, mostly known as Calamay in other parts of the Philippines?


What is the main crop grown in the region along with rice, corn, coconuts, sugarcane, and coffee?


Which festival is a celebration of indigenous people, cultural and harvest festival in the province of Cotabato?

Kalivungan Festival

What type of spread is 'dudul', mentioned in the text?

Kalamay-like spread

What does the word 'Kalivungan' mean in the language of the Manobos?


What was the previous name of the Kalivungan Festival until 2010?


Which festival features a street dancing parade, a roasting competition, and a free tasting of marinated and grilled bangsi?

Bangsi Festival

Which province is known for its cacao industry, producing high-quality beans used for making chocolate and other products?

South Cotabato

What is 'Apan' as mentioned in the text?

Crunchy and spicy fried grasshopper

Test your knowledge about the landlocked province of Cotabato in the Philippines, its capital city, and the agricultural products grown in the region. See how much you know about the delicacies like Pastil of Cotabato.

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