Project Planning Tools and Processes

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What are some benefits of good planning for a project?

Better quality, lower cost, and higher probability of finishing

Why is planning often perceived as not being real work?

The pressure to start work makes it difficult to focus on planning

What does the pain curve demonstrate about proper planning?

Proper planning is painful but pays off in less pain later in the project

What happens when a poor planning effort takes its toll later in the project?

Schedules slip, quality suffers, and expectations are not met

Why does the team and management's anxiety for work to begin pose a challenge for developing a solid plan of action?

It is difficult to focus on developing a solid plan when pressured to start work

This quiz explores the importance of project planning and the tools, templates, and processes that contribute to successful project execution. It delves into the benefits of good planning and why it is often undervalued in the workplace.

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