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Which of the following best defines cost overrun?

The additional percentage or dollar amount by which actual costs exceed estimates

What did a 2011 Harvard Business Review study find about IT project cost overruns?

An average cost overrun of 27 percent

What did the Harvard Business Review study discover about IT project cost overruns?

A large number of gigantic overages or 'black swans'

What is the track record of IT projects in meeting budget goals?


What is a 'black swan' in the context of IT project cost overruns?

A high-impact event that is rare and unpredictable, but not improbable in retrospect

Study Notes

Cost Overrun

  • Cost overrun refers to a situation where the actual cost of a project exceeds its planned or budgeted cost.

IT Project Cost Overruns

  • A 2011 Harvard Business Review study found that 1 in 6 IT projects experience a cost overrun of 200% or more on average.
  • The study discovered that IT projects have a poor track record in meeting budget goals, with median cost overruns of 27% and schedule overruns of 29%.

Black Swan

  • In the context of IT project cost overruns, a 'black swan' refers to a rare and unpredictable event that has a significant impact on the project's cost and timeline.

Test your knowledge about project cost management with this quiz based on Chapter 7 of the book "Information Technology Project Management, Ninth Edition." Explore key concepts and techniques used in managing project costs.

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